SMC Clinic
SMC clinic is psychiatric clinic. If you're struggling with an emotional or mental health problem, call us now to make an appointment 023 955 999. Address: No 247, St. Preah Trasak Paem (St. 63), Sk. Boeung Keng Kang I, Kh. Cham Karmorn, south of Boeung Keng Kang Market, 12302-Phnom Penh.
 Welcom to smc clinic       

S.M.C clinic is a new independent private Psychiatric clinic in capital city of Phnom Penh and is the leader in mental health treatment in Cambodia. We are providing easy access to superior quality, cost effective mental health services.

S.M.C clinic is certified by the Ministry of Health Cambodia as legal top, high class mental clinic in Phnom Penh.   

S.M.C clinic is also recognized by many Cambodia friendship embassies and organizations both located in Phnom Penh and countryside.

S. M. C clinic is first built to provide high class mental health clinic in Phnom Penh and offers patients anxiety treatment, major depression treatment, psychotic treatment, addiction treatment as well as treatment for wide range of mental health conditions such as: 

         •    Generalized Anxiety Disorder

         •    Agoraphobia

         •    Social phobia

         •    Panic attack

         •    Major Depression

         •    Manic episode

         •    Bipolar Disorder

         •    Acute psychosis

         •    Schizophrenia

         •    Alcohol addition/ withdrawal

         •    Drugs addition/ withdrawal

         •    Substances used

         •    Children psychiatry …,etc

S.M.C clinic is locatedon No 247, St. 63 (South of Boung Keng Kang Market), Sk. Boueng Keng kang I, Kh. Cham Kamorn, 12302-Phnom Penh.